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Relaxation and Treatment


I discovered an absolutely fantastic acupuncturist in Rockville Centre NY– His name is Costas Sarikas— I went in for several problems but mainly back pain– Besides being probably the most compassionate gentleman, he was extremely insightful and was able to target the exact spots where the problem was—some of were not even on my back… How he knew this I have no idea– Well im not one for medical jargon but he explained to me everything he did and let me understand how this whole thing works because honestly I was quite skeptical–I can only say that now I dont have to take pain killers and am much more mobile than I've ever been in YEARS–I still return now and again for a “tune up”– He is kind and he worked with me as far as finance because, unfortunately, acupuncture is not covered through my insurance much like most health insurance policies – I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Costas– As far as I'm concerned he is the best acupuncturist- Just a sidebar–while waiting for him in the waiting room,, I got to speaking to another one of his clients and she told me he was an “angel of mercy”…Its so hard these days to find someone who takes the time to listen and make you feel like you matter..He did all of this and more..I just can't say enough about him.

Robyn C.  Franklin Square, NY


Thank you Mr. Sarikas for the outstanding work you do and the caring, compassionate way in which you deliver it. My tendonitis and shoulder pain has never felt better and through your good advice I plan to keep it that way with regular visits. You are the best and I share that with everyone.

Dr. Mike Russo, North Park Chiropractic.


"Costas was highly recommended by my cousin (a physical therapist) . When I first went to Costas I was suffering from an injury caused by childbirth. I had pain in my lower back due to a herniated disk and sciatica in my left leg. My leg was so numb I could not even spread my toes apart. Costas gradually restored me back to health and provided me with the motivation I needed to get through this difficult time. He has provided me with so much helpful advice and support to help me get better physically, emotionally and mentally. I highly recommend him to all of my friends and am eternally grateful for all he has done for me and my family. "

 Jaclyn B


  "After 3 weeks of agony with a herniated disk and stenosis in my neck, it took just four treatments from Costas to get me nearly completely without pain. Not only did Costas work with Acupuncture needles but his massage and stretching techniques along with his expert advice and obvious caring attitude really helped me heal. I would highly recommend anyone with neck or back pain to seek Costas's help sooner rather than later."

 Ian D. Long Beach, NY 


"My Back Pain went away in 2 weeks, Usually takes 3 months when I throw it out."

 Larry K. Oceanside, NY


"I am a personal Trainer and I tore one of my rotator cuff muscles (1st Degree tear).

With Costa's Treatments, I was able to return to training my clients again in 4 weeks."

Mike B Elmont, NY


"I had Neck Surgery 6 years ago to repair degenerated disks. Well, let me tell you.

They fixed my disks but they destroyed the front of my neck and chest. I was in agony

for 6 years. Pain Killers, injections nothing worked. I decided to try Costas. His

office is close to my house. I felt a change right after the first treatment. It took

about 20 treatments but, it was well worth it!!!!! It has been 1 year since my last

treatment. I have not taken 1 pain killer since then. He Healed me!!!! If you are

in Pain, do yourself a favor and see Costas."

-Ray P. Franklin Square, NY